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We have a theme for each season. Seasons 1-4 are on TTR’s Soundcloud. Other composers are Sledge, Yuzzy, and, of course, the legend of Kevin Macleod. 

Themes for seasons 1-4 are made by my friend and part time editor. His links are in the description of each episode. There are only 4 notes throughout the song, but each one contains subliminal cues pertaining to the theme of each season.

Funny you should ask. We do have a game called Tubit – Social Media Tycoon. A very ordinary tycoon game that isn’t boring or poorly made at all. It has a nice page on the App Store and Google Play for you to check out. (You may get Rick Rolled).

Glass-Furnace is TTR’s game development studio. Certified with a legal paper or two lying around somewhere in my drawer. So far we’ve published a YouTube simulator game for mobile devices, and plan to eventually publish a massively multiplayer game down the line called “Block Economy”.

Ask the YouTube Algorithm.

Rick Roll land is a tropical mound of sand located in the scenic shores of the south Bahamas. It’s a 300-foot long island slightly bigger than Bikini Bottom, 20 miles off the coast of Aklins, and accessible only by pontoon, seaplane, or the power of Rick Astley himself. It is a sovereign sub-state of the Bahamas by legality and, therefore, the least populated of the 212 of the world. Yes it’s a gimmick, but a funny one at that.

Yes. You can go to a lot of places. You can even go to the moon. No one is stopping you. Do it. Change the world—my final message. 

Scammer Geographic

This is the total money reconciled through scambait videos. This figure is summarized by adding all of the total funds recovered directly and returned to victims or a specific victim, or seized from a fraudulent account and taken control of by proper authorities. We also add in potential loss to the figure, including the calculated loss of would-be victims of a specific scammer or scam group before shutting them down. You can download a breakdown of the financials here.

The rationale behind this is that this is a predominantly preventative practice. Educating the public in advance makes falling victim to schemes much less likely. Once already scammed, unless by an incompetent scammer, in the vast majority of cases, it is simply impossible to regain what was lost. Even professionals who work in the field of cybersecurity will know this basic fact. You will never get a response upon submitting to agencies like the FBI, as they are much too busy not making threatening phone calls to you and instead investigating matters taking place on American soil.

While I don’t accept offers to assist in reconciling money from you, your friends, or family members who may have been scammed, you can submit info on scams through Scammer Geographic. This is the best shot at getting your situation investigated and potentially rectified.

I’ll use their own game against them. I’ll social engineer the individual until they’ve walked into a scenario that can be made into content. From there, it’s simply a fun time. 

But of course, you may be asking about specifics. Digitally, I use VOIP numbers to mask my identity, Linux virtual machines where I run custom programs intended to track intended targets and outsource some hacking services from friendly places like Upwork. I do not give out step-by-step guides, as this would only benefit those whom I’m trying to stop.

You can click here to fill in the details you have on it and any other relevant information. It will be reviewed and may be featured in a video.

Audia Project

Audia Project is a collaborative world-record Minecraft project for building the largest custom-made map. Over 500 expert-level builders, 1000 community builders, and 10,000 user-built submissions have created a continent-sized general recreation and parody of North America. The project began with a few houses, expanding into a massive metro and now the world beyond.

It started because of a challenge from Mojang themselves back in 2017 to a prodigious record-smashing, hard-drive-breaking Minecraft world. 

Overall, the end goal of this project is to create an immersive and realistic projection of our natural world, which is recreated with excruciating detail in a Minecraft world. Featuring dozens of massive cities and landscapes replicating real-life regions of the United States. In the end, we intend to expand the map to both coastlines and the north and south borders. Populating the land with towns, metro cities, a highway system, national parks, and an unquantifiable amount more. Then, in the near future, we could potentially turn the map into an interactive rpg multiplayer experience.

The Audia project held the Guinness world record for the largest city made in Minecraft between 2021 and 22. Now, we are pursuing the record for the largest Minecraft map ever.

Currently, it is 50 kilometers or 30 real-life miles across. The final map will be over 100 kilometers (100,000 blocks) across and contain 20 full-scale metropolises.

We currently have 45 regular builders, but for the scale of this build, even that doesn’t break much ground all that quickly. Sometimes, people have lives. At our current status, roughly 25% complete, and with our current rate, we should be looking at the completion of the map in its entirety by 2029. Wow. I’ll be old.

Unfortunately, after 2021, Audia Project became closed source due to copyright claims and an uncoordinated build strategy. We now have a private Discord and submission process to attract new builders, but it is based on skill and experience. However, when we reach the final stages, it will once again be open to the community in a massively multiplayer environment.

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